About DEI

The Dublin European Institute (DEI) supports scholarly research and debate on the sources, processes and implications of European integration and governance.

Its activities focus on the evolution and functioning of the European Union and other European institutions, as well as the ways in which developments at the individual, group, regional, national and global levels shape or are shaped by European integration and governance. In so doing, the Institute contributes to an informed public discourse related to Ireland’s place in the geographic, cultural, historical, economic and political space that is ‘Europe’.

The DEI is the oldest and largest university centre for research on European affairs in the Republic of Ireland. It was established in 1990 as the Centre of European Economic and Public Affairs (CEEPA), which in 1998 was designated a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence by the European Commission. Two years later, CEEPA was replaced by the Dublin European Institute within the university’s Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies. The DEI has been part of the UCD School of Politics and International Relations since 2005.

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