On structural reforms and job creation

In my recent post Getting beyond Europe’s spend more/spend less debate, I focused on the pros and cons of structural reforms including labour market reforms. This recent article in the Economist, drawing on recent studies from the IMF and OECD (linked at the end of the article), points out that the economic impact of structuralContinue reading “On structural reforms and job creation”

Getting beyond Europe’s spend more / spend less debate

The debate over paths to economic recovery in Europe is often presented as a choice between austerity and stimulus. Less often heard in this debate is the range of options related to labour market reform. There are many ways that European states could reform their labour markets in an effort to promote sustainable growth, withContinue reading “Getting beyond Europe’s spend more / spend less debate”

The full Monti

Aidan Regan at the EUI has a fascinating account of Mario Monti’s thoughts on a range of European issues here. Monti is particularly keen on increasing the capacity for effective decision-making at European level, and indeed the slow-motion political response to the crisis in the Eurozone has revealed how badly this is needed. Monti wantsContinue reading “The full Monti”