The Europeanization of Military Training and Education

This guest post by Dr. Tamir Libel, currently a Non-Resident Fellow at the UCD Centre for War Studies, reports on research he conducted as a Marie Curie Fellow at the UCD School of Politics and International Relations in 2012-2013: In the aftermath of the Cold War, European militaries have drastically transformed national systems of officerContinue reading “The Europeanization of Military Training and Education”

The Myth of Exceptional Europe: The Failure of EU Foreign Policy

The notion of the European Union being an exceptional international actor is well established in the literature and dates from the very inception of ‘Europe’ as being a continental peace project. In today’s literature, while a number of variations on the theme exist, the dominant model is that of the Union as a ‘normative power’.Continue reading “The Myth of Exceptional Europe: The Failure of EU Foreign Policy”

Does EU coherence matter in foreign policy?

This new article challenges a key piece of conventional wisdom on EU foreign policy: Daniel C. Thomas (2012). Still Punching below its Weight? Coherence and Effectiveness in European Union Foreign Policy. Journal of Common Market  Studies 50:3, 457-474. Abstract: Although scholars and practitioners have long argued that greater political coherence will make the EU a more effectiveContinue reading “Does EU coherence matter in foreign policy?”