Home truths about the Euro crisis

Jean-Claude Juncker said some remarkably candid things to the European parliament yesterday. His role as the chair of the Eurozone group of countries has given him limited scope to speak freely to date. Indeed he’s someone who is quoted as saying ‘I’m for secret, dark debates‘. Now that he’s about to step down, he’s madeContinue reading “Home truths about the Euro crisis”

And you thought QMV was complicated…

Voting systems in the European Union often attract criticism and/or debate. Complex voting systems are not the sole prerogative of the EU however. The US system for electing its President also has its complications, as both the campaign and past election results have shown. Nobody will count electoral chickens before they hatch in the presentContinue reading “And you thought QMV was complicated…”

The full Monti

Aidan Regan at the EUI has a fascinating account of Mario Monti’s thoughts on a range of European issues here. Monti is particularly keen on increasing the capacity for effective decision-making at European level, and indeed the slow-motion political response to the crisis in the Eurozone has revealed how badly this is needed. Monti wantsContinue reading “The full Monti”

Ireland and the big game changer

Here is an essay I have done on Ireland for the Heinrich Boell Stiftung in Brussels as part of a commissioned series on the euro crisis. I emphasise how closely Ireland’s decisions on European integration are entangled in its relations ns with the UK, a consideration coming once more into clear focus. Paul Gillespie http://www.boell.eu/downloads/Gillespie_Ireland_and_the_Big_Game_Changer(2).pdfContinue reading “Ireland and the big game changer”

Fear, Anger and Resignation: It’s Nearly Referendum Day

Before the conventional wisdom sets in stone, a few thoughts on the referendum campaign. First, win or lose, this looks to have been a good campaign for the left of the ‘no’ side. The profile of key Sinn Fein and ULA spokespeople will have been raised significantly as will their political credibility in key sectorsContinue reading “Fear, Anger and Resignation: It’s Nearly Referendum Day”

Citizens Left out of Plan for EU Reform

While I am second to none in my admiration of Vincent Browne for his willingness to engage with the legal issues raised by the Fiscal Treaty, I would have difficulties with some of the assertions made by him in his article in the Irish Times today. 1) I am unable to see how the PringleContinue reading “Citizens Left out of Plan for EU Reform”

Is the response to the crisis simply stupid?

Much current discussion of the euro crisis focuses on the seeming irrationality or incompetence of decision makers.  For example, Guardian economics editor Larry Elliot says that “there is a failure or an unwillingness to grasp a basic truth about the single currency: it doesn’t work”.  While this may be true to a certain extent, oneContinue reading “Is the response to the crisis simply stupid?”

Institute for International Integration, Trinity College

IIS PUBLIC SYMPOSIUM this evening: Title: “Whither Ireland and the Fiscal Treaty?” Dr. Gavin Barrett, School of Law, UCD & Prof. Terrence McDonough, J.E.Cairnes School of Business & Economics, NUIG & Trinity’s Head of School of Social Sciences and Philosophy, Prof. James Wickham Venue: Thomas Davis Theatre, Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin Access to theContinue reading “Institute for International Integration, Trinity College”