Citizens Left out of Plan for EU Reform

While I am second to none in my admiration of Vincent Browne for his willingness to engage with the legal issues raised by the Fiscal Treaty, I would have difficulties with some of the assertions made by him in his article in the Irish Times today. 1) I am unable to see how the PringleContinue reading “Citizens Left out of Plan for EU Reform”

Is the response to the crisis simply stupid?

Much current discussion of the euro crisis focuses on the seeming irrationality or incompetence of decision makers.  For example, Guardian economics editor Larry Elliot says that “there is a failure or an unwillingness to grasp a basic truth about the single currency: it doesn’t work”.  While this may be true to a certain extent, oneContinue reading “Is the response to the crisis simply stupid?”

Institute for International Integration, Trinity College

IIS PUBLIC SYMPOSIUM this evening: Title: “Whither Ireland and the Fiscal Treaty?” Dr. Gavin Barrett, School of Law, UCD & Prof. Terrence McDonough, J.E.Cairnes School of Business & Economics, NUIG & Trinity’s Head of School of Social Sciences and Philosophy, Prof. James Wickham Venue: Thomas Davis Theatre, Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin Access to theContinue reading “Institute for International Integration, Trinity College”

The Greek ‘Bailout’

As Greek politicians in the midst of post-election turmoil are told that they must implement the ‘bailout’ programme agreed with the EU and IMF it may be timely to reflect on that programme.  Added topicality arises from the fact that Charles Dallara is speaking at the Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) in DublinContinue reading “The Greek ‘Bailout’”

I Give Up: A Very Reluctant and Bitter ‘Yes’

To my mind, there is only one reason to vote for the “Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union” and that is cold, hard cash. What the treaty does is of dubious economic value while how it does it appears to be redundant.  At best, one might make an argumentContinue reading “I Give Up: A Very Reluctant and Bitter ‘Yes’”

A growth pact?

The recent post by M.L.Paris discusses the possibility of a ‘growth pact’ arising from the election of Francois Hollande in France.  But part of the problem in analysing this issue is the ambiguity about what ‘growth’ means (and how best to promote it).  Consider the following statement from the Swedish Minister for Finance, speaking toContinue reading “A growth pact?”