Fear, Anger and Resignation: It’s Nearly Referendum Day

Before the conventional wisdom sets in stone, a few thoughts on the referendum campaign. First, win or lose, this looks to have been a good campaign for the left of the ‘no’ side. The profile of key Sinn Fein and ULA spokespeople will have been raised significantly as will their political credibility in key sectorsContinue reading “Fear, Anger and Resignation: It’s Nearly Referendum Day”

Citizens Left out of Plan for EU Reform

While I am second to none in my admiration of Vincent Browne for his willingness to engage with the legal issues raised by the Fiscal Treaty, I would have difficulties with some of the assertions made by him in his article in the Irish Times today. 1) I am unable to see how the PringleContinue reading “Citizens Left out of Plan for EU Reform”

Arriving at a Conclusion

(29/4/12)The awkwardly-entitled Thirtieth Amendment to the Constitution (Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union) Bill won Seanad approval on Tuesday without a vote after a two-day debate, having already been approved by the Dáil the previous Friday by a hefty 93 votes to 21. I have published some comments onContinue reading “Arriving at a Conclusion”